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What do Losing Weight and training for a marathon have om common? They both require you to plan a course of action of long period of time, stick to that plan and revel in your accomplishments at the end. How are they different? There is a definitive race date and finish line for a marathon and you do not have a finish date, but instead a finish weight, when you are losing weight.

Losing weight is a definite struggle whether you are trying to lose 15lb or 150lbs. Racing weight for a marathon athlete can be achieved by adjusting their diet to perform better at running and recover faster. For anyone trying to lose weight over a long period of time then small changes made to your eating plan can create a sustainable and delicious way to lose weight and be healthier.

Whether training for a marathon or training to lose weight for the long run your eating will have to be taken into account. Creating a long term plan is the key to success at weight loss or running a marathon. We offer online and email/phone coaching for endurance athletes as well as those looking to lose weight. Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is a major step in lengthening your quality of adult years. See help to improve your health faster.

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Welcome to TCA Wellness! You can achieve more with our help than ever thought you could. If you want to run a Marathon we can get you there better you can do alone.

If you want to lose weight and finally keep it off then we can coach you to do it. We have the experience to break through what has been keeping you from your weight loss goals. Our track record proves it!

We do not sell Personal Training by the session. Instead we find that committing to your training for 1 month at a time will keep you on task and focused on your goals. Our private monthly packages are $199 for 1 session/week, $299 for 2 sessions/week and $399 for 3 sessions/week. You can do more if you like and we can help you decide what is right for your needs and fitness level. We even have a special program for those who are busy of a 30min sessions.

No body is too old to work out. No injury cannot be worked around. No person is “too out of shape”. How will get in shape without our help? Call to start getting stronger and more fit. You have nothing to lose but the excess weight and some bad eating habits.

Welcome to TCA Wellness

No matter how much you are struggling to maintain a healthy weight we are here for you. Our certified personal trainers help you feel great and look amazing. We show you how to lose the fat and increase your energy with the latest in proven training methods based on science, not gimmick. Your goals are our priority. At TCA Wellness our expert coaching is proven to help you to feel and move better both physically and mentally. We coach you to stay on track and achieve your a higher degree of fitness and well being.

We are not your typical gym. In fact we are not a gym at all. We are a Private Training studio with a focus on 1 thing: You. Every personal trainer thinks they can help but many fall short by doing it their way whether or not you reach your goals. We get to know you. We meet you where you are. We make fitness achievable. We get you results. We teach you how to make the most out of your training through proper follow nutrition. You learn how to feel great about exercise no matter your previous experience. Your weight loss success is our priority! Your health is a team effort. Stop wasting time on amateurs who follow the latest fad! Weight loss through a healthy lifestyle is our job! Feeling great and enjoying your fit and healthy body is yours. A healthy lifestyle is an important foundation for wellness and happiness.

You want success at weight loss. We provide you with the tools to be healthy beyond our walls! You will achieve your goals with our combination of muscle building strength exercises and fat incinerating cardio. You leave every session confident in your ability to beat whatever life throws at you. Confidence is essential for success in every aspect of your life. Our goals coaching make you strong enough to achieve the fitness goals you set. Making healthier choices day-by-day and enjoying the rewards of your commitment will make you more productive, optimistic, and focused. Healthier choices leave you feeling and looking better than you ever thought possible regardless of where you begin.
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